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Export cargo transportation

Export cargo transportation

We offer a quick and reliable  transportation service and carrier which carries all kinds of goods including cars, equipment, and raw materials exported from Mongolia based on your need and cargo requirement. Moreover, we provide the service using  air, road, railway, and sea carriers to any country in the world.


  • Deliver cargo to all Euro-Asia countries by railway and road
  • Transfer to foreign countries through sea ports of China, Russia, and Europe
  • Cooperate with wagon owners in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Lithuania
  • Cargo shipping from Mongolia to Europe via Russia connected to the express train and delivered in a short time.
  • Provide services such as cargo documentation and customs approval, packing, and timbering


Transportation of food, plants, meat, meat products and raw materials

Transportation of this type of cargo requires special carriage conditions. Thus, we provide a service to choose appropriate type of carrier that meets transportation requirements. Also, we help to prepare the documents required by the animal and plant quarantine institutions of  Mongolia and the transiting country.

Transportation of mining materials and products

We provide a wide-ranging service for transporting coal, fluorspar, gold, copper, and other mining products from the mine to the beneficiary by road, railway, and sea. In addition to transporting cargo in ordinary packaging goods, transportation carries out by reusable powder cargo bags of 3 m3 with 4 tons carrying capacity.

Vehicle and equipment transportation

We transfer the individual, tourist and competition’s cars, motorcycles and other self-propelled vehicles and equipment by appropriate carrier using standard timbering from Mongolia.

Transportation of items of Mongol ger and national industry

Door-to-door delivery of Mongolian ger items, alcohol, beer, leather goods, and all other types of national products shipped from Mongolia to foreign countries.

Transportation of exhibits and valuable items

Door-to-door delivery of all types of exhibition cargo professionally packed and delivered from Mongolia to foreign countries.

Transportation of personal items

Complete the door-to-door delivery of personal items of domestic and foreign individuals and families who are moving from Mongolia to a foreign country.

Types of transportation

Railway transportation

It is considered the most reliable and safe transportation solution.

We ship cheap and fast railway import, export and transit transportation of container and bulk cargo from all cities of China and Russia through Zamiin-Uud and Sukhbaatar border stations.

Railway transport from all European Union countries and Scandinavian countries organize through the railway port of Brest in Belarus over the territory of the Russian Federation, through the Trans-Siberian railway network and the northern border or the port of Sukhbaatar.

Through the Trans-Siberian railway, connect with the Russian ports of Sankt-Petersburg, Southern Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, Novorossiysk and all countries of the European Union. In this direction, we organize container, bulk cargo and locked wagon transportation. Single railway shipping time is approximately 7-30 days depending on the distance.


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Экспортын ачааны тээвэр

Монгол улсаас экспортолж байгаа бүх төрлийн бараа бүтээгдэхүүн, автомашин, тоног төхөөрөмж, түүхий эдийг таны хүсэл

Тээврийн төрлүүд

Төмөр замын тээвэр Хамгийн найдвартай, аюулгүй тээврийн төрөлд тооцогддог. Бид БНХАУ болон ОХУ-ын бүх хотуудаас

Холбоотой мэдээ

Тээврийн төрлүүд

Төмөр замын тээвэр Хамгийн найдвартай, аюулгүй тээврийн төрөлд тооцогддог. Бид...

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